Viewers Find In Host Real Gaze of Bigg Boss

Salman Khan kicked out Priyanka Jagga ( Pictures courtesy : Colours)

KANPUR: “Please, leave my home’’, said the host of the Big Boss programme on the idiot box. Why is it idiot box? If viewers are getting enough entertainment? It is only then the viewers realised that the real big boss is the host himself. The enraged host was seen rattling with wrath when he made such an orderly declaration. Standing up from the big chair Priyanka Jugga advanced towards the exit gate. Lopamudra got pleasure from this statement and even expressed something.

The host was for the first time in this season looked so angry and crossed. He acted like a big boss.


Sticking to the Big Boss house inmates who are showing every hue of daily life by their actions inside the well-maintained precincts, one can easily react on their spiced up manners. If we ask a query: What are formulas of joyful living? It will certainly be a very tough question for them. However, they can say certain things from their experiences gained during the stay in the house. Though ex-contestant Gauhar’s spirit appeared too high at the time of her meeting with the present episode’s contestant Bani or Vaani whose emotions are somewhere overpowering her to turn the table.

The house residents look more irritated, stressed, nervous and worried from normal life. They are enduring every tension just to reach their winning goal. They are aware of the emergence of only one winner among them at last. Whosoever stays at this day does not want to be evicted now. Every one of them wants to reach the final stage. For this aim in view, they ponder like a philosopher and act like the crony politicians. Friendship, sympathy and fellow-feelings begin to evaporate on the eviction day every week.


Those, who come to meet the person in the house, advise them to fight with confidence. They also do not fail to add that they should relate themselves with their cause or purpose leaving aside what difficulties are coming in their way. They need to focus on their passion that would help them feel for inspired action and joyfulness within themselves. They should proceed with clear concept leading them to the goal. There must be constant attempt to remain detached from those people trying to divert from such passion. When they would not get moved away from their distractions, they could easily feel the passion. For this aim, they should not regress from their resolute stand.

What they are doing is visible through one hundred cameras inside the house. Although they are aware of this fact yet they do forget to cross the lines which bother the host immensely. In between all the watchfulness, they commit recklessness marring their image to a greater grade.

Lanky Gaurav appears quite a calm man but when he reacts he thunders. Three Ms are not so cool as they usually blast at some contemptuous shouts. Beauty with brain Lopamudra is not far behind in taunting at the fellows coming in her way. She called outspoken Priyanka a filthy woman.  And what can be said about Swami Omji who has been termed as ‘insane’ by almost every staying inmate of the house. His tricks seem more complicated than a juggler’s trick that’s why the residents might be making mistakes in calculating him.

They also agreed upon his following figure coming to nought. Then how he is staying inside and dreams of reaching the zenith.  He appeared typically perturbed at his mouth tied with a piece of red cloth. Two younger inmates one male, one female have their own respective appeal and glamour.

Along with this, they should not deflect from the show’s desired goal. It is only then they could know of joyfulness. A value of joyful living is more understood by sticking to the pedestal of righteousness. Our efforts to avoid callous attitude should be a continuous course of action. For it, forgiveness is a rare quality to adopt and be ready to learn from all experience.

There would be no problem if we change our plans in order to achieve those values. Life must be lived with all joyfulness as it is God’s gift.

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