Viral : “Modi Magic” Lock At Former SP MLA’s House

ANI Image

Lucknow : After SP lost UP Election against Bhartiya Janta Party, SP ministers has started vacating their government allotted homes. A Cabinet Minister of Akhilesh Government Ravidas Mehrotra  has also vacated his house.

ANI Image

Uttar Pradesh finally formed new government, outgoing MLAs are making way for the newly elected representatives. Incumbent Samajwadi Party suffered a massive defeat at the hands of BJP and defeated MLAs have now started vacating their official residences in Lucknow.

Mehrotra has contested from Lucknow central seat and lost the seat to Bhartiya  Janta Party Brijesh pathak. News agency ANI tweeted photos of a lock outside outgoing minister and MLA Ravidas Mehrotra’s home. The lock displayed the brand name ‘Modi magic’ and Twitter was quick to point out the irony..


Social Media calling it like ‘Putting Salt’  on wounds. Some are making fun and some are having pity.

“Here double locking means both Lok Sabha and Vidhaan Sabha!”, wrote Tanmay.

Jagdeep Singh said, “what an appropriate lock”
“This is BRUTAL. Even Locks are branded Modi. BSP, SP and INC will go screaming MAD !!! I feel bad for them”, tweeted another user.

“This is how universe sends a sign I guess”, tweeted Rick Sanchez.

Ravidas Mehrotra was the MLA from Lucknow Central. He lost to BJP’s Brijesh Pathak by nearly 5000 votes.

BJP had won 326 seats out of 403 seat of Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2017, left all parties surprise with this win.




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