Watch : 15 Girls Alleged They Were Made Roam Semi-Naked For Not Memorising Shlokas

The class 8 students had reportedly failed to recite shlokas that the principal had told them to memorise. (Screen grab of the victim girls)

UTTAR PRADESH : A teacher can be as cruel as we find in the case of the school’s principal who forced girl students to take a round of the field without skirts for not completing homework. The schools do stress upon discipline on the students in order to maintain demureness but an excess of everything is bad as we regularly happen to note.


In the case of Meena Singh, the principal of Electricity Board Junior Girls’ High School in Anpara of Sonebhadra district (UP) is quite harsher as reported by the  IBTimes in its reports recently. She gave a very stern punishment to nearly 15 girls because they failed to complete their home works. These active girls felt a kind of remorse in the unusual corporal punishment that led them to weep and narrate sobbingly the whole of saddened story to their parents.

What she allegedly forced these girls were to run laps of playground without their skirts for their instant incompetence in memorising the Sanskrit lessons. She ordered the fifteen girls to go outside the classroom when they failed to recite the Sanskrit Shlokas perfectly. Thereafter they were made to pose like murga, a traditional type of physical punishment now banned in the schools. Still, further, they were asked to take off their skirts and run around the school playground. That was an indeed unsympathetic attitude.

Though the news portal “Aaj Ka Reporter” reported they were told to undertake a skirtless round in the classroom and other students were threatened to follow if their homework remained incomplete.

Infuriated with such bodily anguish, the girls thought it better to complain about this sordid experience to their parents. Learning of this shameful act the parents without wasting enough time approached the school management demanding immediate action against the principal for this unbearable torture.

The accused Principal who punished the girls

Considering the severity of the objection by the parents, the school management suspended the reckless principal and even went to the extent of ordering an enquiry into the matter. It even sought complete reports within a week from the enquiry panel submitted herewith.

Watch the video below

Not only the school authorities admonished the principal but state government official too gave a warning against such rash recourse, informs the news daily. The AKR reported that the district basic education officer Amarnath Singh said that a probe committee would submit a thoroug reportshas been
It was months’ earlier we came across how uproar had been created over short skirts in Israeli Knesset. They were parliamentarians and staff members of the parliament.

But since a dress code was ordered to be followed the denial towards that rule made the news. In the case of the school girls, the punishment by a lady teacher is odd enough to absorb like observing the two women spokesperson of respective political parties contradicting on issues related to the fair sex.

A teacher is liked by the humble students when she observes a very helpful approach with them, observe a group of parents. We hope such incidents does not repeat again.



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