Watch : 30 Jumla’s / U-Turns of Modi Government in 3 Years


Modi Government – Before & After Election – Truth Vs Hype

A Must Watch Video, How Modi Government had turned all the hopes to Jumla’s & U-Turn. How perception of Hopes, Hype & Ache Din have cremated in delusion.


The taught time for a BJP supporters, It’s a hard time for them to defend PM Modi after 3 years.

  • U-Turn on disclosing loan defaulters list, GST, meat export, MSP for farmers, release of Henderson Brooks.
  • U-Turn on Fuel Prices. How you keep hiking the rates, despite international prices are at all time low in these years. You should pass the benefits of almost 2 lac 33 thousand crores to public.
  • U-Turn on Lokpal. Though being a corruption crusader, you have not appointed the lokpal yet.
  • Jumla on crediting 15 lacs in your account and creating 2 crore jobs
  • Jumla of Make In India. Recent Rafale deal or LED procurement. A debilitated step towards much larger vision.
  • Jumla on Clean Ganga project. 3000 Cr spent but Ganga remain same or worse then before.
  • Jumla on providing 2 crore home to homeless. If you go by trends i.e. 1 lac homes made in three years so far, it would take another 600 years to cover homeless.
  • Jumla of Digital India. 2 lacs was envisioned, your data says only 16,000 villages covered in three years. You may need another 43 years to complete it.
  • Jumla on MNERGA. You said, its was a “living monument of UPA’s failure” though your own data suggest it had uplift the living of BPL by 30%.
  • Major projects, which you so far inaugurated, belong to the legacy of UPA like Mars Mission, Longest Bridge, Largest Tunnel etc.


Watch Video here:

Source : INC



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