Watch : 50 Dalits Converted Into Islam After Growing Atrocities under Yogi govt


Moradabad : Fifty people of Dalit community have reported the expectation of leaving Hinduism and embracing Islam. The general population who are embracing Islam have denounced that they have extremely hopeless predicament under the Yogi government.

As indicated by the charges, in BJP’s Saharanpur and Sambhal, BJP workers have assaulted the Dalit people’s community, after which they have turned out to be baffled with BJP and Hinduism. These individuals related with Dalit people group likewise flanked the statues of Goddess divinities in the waterway.


These individuals of Dalit people group have said that they had a lot of desires from the Center’s Modi and the Yogi legislature of U.P. however, now they are calling the BJP as hostile to Dalit.

Subsequent to getting the news of this revolting development of Dalit people group, some Bajrang Dal labourers came to urge them, however Dalit people group didn’t back to their choice.

Souce : ABP




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