Watch : After Spending 8 Years in Jail, Shabbir Bhatkal Found Innocent in Terror Charges


Bhatkal, Manglore : Maulana Shabbir Gangawali who hails from Bhatkal released after Mangalore court acquitted him after 8 years in jail from all terror charges.

Maulana Shabbir Gangawali, a resident of Karnataka’s famous coastal town Bhatkal who was arrested and framed with terror charges eight years ago, has been acquitted and released from jail after a long wait of 8 years.


He was arrested for possessing a fake 500 rupee note, Moulana Shabbir Bhatkal was taken into custody from a Masjid in Pune where he used to be the Imam, the person who leads the prayers. He was framed for various terror cases and was transferred from one jail to another before finally being declared innocent on April 10, 2017.

Listen to message he shared for every Young Citizen in india.



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