Watch : AIB’s Video on Demonetisation Asks Questions That No One Thought About


In the past, AIB has been portrayed as a a bunch of nefarious jokesters who have no regard for the soldiers dying on the border.

But in the whole demonetisation debacle, if Prime Minister Modi can make jokes, can comedians be left far behind?

In their new sketch, AIB brings up all the ridiculous arguments people have given in support and against the note ban.

But they ask some pertinent questions too – if political parties’ black money is to be brought under the scanner, why not bring them and their finances under the RTI’s ambit?


Another important point argued is over the nonchalance and anger with which people are dismissing the deaths of those collapsing in bank queues.

Would the people, who are calling the deaths an unnecessary blame on the government’s policy, react the same way if someone they knew passed away like that?

AIB peppered the video with a lot of respect for soldiers, so hopefully no supportersof Bharat’s Mitra aka PM Modi will take offence.

Video Source : AIB


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