WATCH: Angela Merkel ‘ignores’ Narendra Modi’s handshake… AGAIN!


An awkward moment for PM Modi, two years apart, Narendra Modi’s attempt at shaking hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a news conference has been thwarted… again!

On his second official visit to Germany as Indian Prime minister, PM Modi and Merkel issued a joint statement, in which PM Modi focused heavily on climate change as well as Indo-German bilateral relations. At the end of his statement, Modi turned towards Merkel, his hand extended for a handshake, Like same he did in 2015 when he visited last. But Modi seemed unaware as she guided him towards the photo-op point in front of the flags of the two nations.


Interestingly, the exact same scene had played out in April 2015, during Modi’s first official visit to Germany, a moment that sparked a huge online debate at the time with many questioning if the Indian PM had been “snubbed”.

Watch video of 2017 and 2015

Here is what we posted 2 hour before this incident took place today. We are fast isn’t it? 🙂

Watch 2015 Video here : Link

Source : IE


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