Watch : BJP MLA’s Husband Slapped Police Officer, Created Chaos in Kota


BJP MLA Chandrakanta Meghwal’s husband has been caught on camera slapping a Circle Inspector in Kota.

Kota, Rajasthan : In yet another ‘political goondaraj’, whole town was brought into chaos by BJP leaders and their supporters just over a traffic challan in Kota, Rajasthan. According to reports, BJP MLA Chandrakanta Meghwal’s husband Narendra Meghwal went into altercation with Mahaveer Nagar Circle Inspector Sriram Basera after police locked down few BJP Youth members who violated traffic rules and deny to pay the challan.


BJP MLA Chandrakanta and her husband were indulged in heated arguments with CI demanding the release of their workers, they also threatened to break down the cells if police do not release, suddenly Narendra Meghwal slapped the Circle Inspector which made police to take actions against them.

Screen grab from video in which Narendra Meghwal clearly seen slapping the Circle inspector Sriram Basera.

But things went worse when the BJP MLA and her supporters decided to take action against police, they started pelting stones on police station, in retaliation police had to use mild lathicharge to disperse the angry mob. As the clash escalated, the police resorted to lathicharge and detained the MLA and her husband but released with in few minutes.

Watch the video below

After hearing the news about detaining of BJP MLA and her husband, BJP Youth members and party supporters gherooed the police station and started pelting stones, police restored with mild lathicharge to disperse the mob, few of them burnt the tyres on roads as a protest.


Mystery and contradictory statements on fire at petrol station

Massive fire broke out at a petrol pump on Rangbadi Road in Mahaveer Nagar locality in Kota at 6:30 PM in evening. According to local journalists, one of the protestor accidentally threw the burning tyre at petrol pump which engulfed into flames with in few minutes.

At least a dozen vehicles were gutted in the incident. Luckily, a major accident was averted and no loss of life was reported after at least a dozen of fire tenders were rushed to the spot.

After the afternoon’s altercation of BJPYM workers with the police at Mahaveer Nagar, the police, local district administration and local fire office was on its toes after fire broke out at 6.45 pm in the evening.

Police contradicted with eyewitness preliminary,  senior officer suggested that fire broke out while a petrol tanker was refilling the petrol station and samples were collected by the employees of the petrol pump station. “No casualties or injury has been reported till now. We also have eye witness account and will investigate the causes,” said a senior officer of Kota police.

There are speculation that police is under pressure from the higher level politicians, this is why they are still quite on this hooliganism of BJP leaders and workers.



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