Watch : Crying Woman Alleged BJP for Not Paying Promised Rs 400 for Attending Modi’s Rally


Uttar Pradesh  : A video of woman crying going viral, she alleged that BJP party workers who promised to give Rs 400 and Dhoti betrayed by only paying Rs 150 for chanting Modi-Modi in a Modi’s rally.

This is common that crowds at election rallies are brought to show the party popularity, but most of time its poor who come to attend rally just for money. But imagine how it will feel when you will be ditched and not given promised amount even after wasting your half of the day.


In this case two women are complaining that they were promised to receive Rs 400 for chanting Modi-Modi in rally but at end they were paid only Rs 150.

Translated from Bhojpuri to English :

Woman : They said come with us and chant Modi-Modi at rally, we will give Rs 400 and a Dhoti,

Reporter : Which Party it was?

Woman : Modi’s Party.

Reporter : Modi’s Party?

Woman : Yes

Reporter : What did they said?

Woman : Leader asked me, we will give Rs 400 and a Dhoti, i came at 9 and till 10 i was chanting BJP slogan even without eating food.

Reporter : How much did they gave?

Woman : Nothing, they just gave 150 and said owner gave this much only, due to shortage of money we didn’t give this much also to many of people.

Reporter : Who took you both?

Woman : Owner took us.

Watch Video here :





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