Watch: Delhi’s autorickshaw driver ‘Prahalad’, offers free ride to Rozedar Muslims

InUth Photo

Among various autorikshaw drivers, Prahalad named driver is quite famous for his benevolent acts by swarming commuters outside the Green Park metro station in south Delhi and he’s quite popular and is fondly called ‘Guru’ or ‘Mukhiya.’

Prahalad’s recent initiative began from the Muslim holy month of Ramzan, wherein he is offering free rides in his autorickshaw to those observing fast during Ramzan. He told to InUth that, “I just thought that it’s been quite hot during these days and if I could be of any help to them (Rozedars), I will also earn some blessings. This is all I can do because I earn my living by driving an auto-rickshaw. This is my contribution from whatever profits I earn.”

Prahalad, a resident of Delhi, is autorickshaw driver since past 4 years and this is the first time he is doing something on the eve of Ramzan. He believes there isn’t much difference when it comes to God. Only his followers are divided into various groups and sects.

He said, ” Everyone’s religion is the same. God is one. If people keep pointing to the difference in all of us, we should try to change it. More the better.”

Prahalad till now has given free rides to almost 8-10 Muslims, who were observing fast. Since it’s hard to know who’s fasting, he always makes sure to ask his passengers. He said,” Once I refuse to take money from them, they say that they’ll pray for me. That brings peace to my heart.”

He said, “I have suggested many other fellow drivers, including some Muslim drivers, to follow my initiative, so that it can become an example for everyone. I want more and more people to do this work. It will help in bringing us closer to each other and something good will come out of it.”

He being unaware of the socio-political atmosphere in the country and that’s why he wants more and more of his fellow drivers to follow his initiative.


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