Watch : Fake Video of “Modi Murdabad” Going Viral, Check Out The Facts

"Gaon mein kabristan banta hai toh shamshan bhi banna chahiye (If there are cemetery for Muslims then Hindus crematoria should also be built") PM Modi in Fatehpur Rally (PTI Images)

Uttar Pradesh : Recently a video went viral in which people are heard saying ‘Modi Murdabad’, is it real or fake?

Watch The Video Showing Slogans :

We investigated and found it was doctored clip, someone edited the clip by replacing the audio which is very easy now a days with plenty of freely available video softwares.

Lets watch this Original video starting from 18:11 Sec, the video action and audio is different in original video.


Watch Actual Video:

The audio was extracted from this video when a student raised slogan against PM Modi in Lucknow Ambedkar University over Rohit Vemula suicide.

When we first saw it, we did tried to tell those users it’s a fake video.

Several users shared this clip without authenticating it.

We hope people will be careful before posting such fake videos.



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