Watch : GurMehar Showed 347 Words, Sehwag And Hooda Picked Only 9 Words To Demoralise Her


New Delhi : Delhi student Gur Mehar Kaur who took the courage to stand against the violent assault of ABVP against JNU, Ramjas and DU students has been dragged into conspiracy by Hindutva Right Wingers too demoralise her campaign.


She is on Nationalist target now a days for standing against ABVP, she also got many threat including rape and Murder. The Right Wings trying to distract attention from their crime towards GurMehar’s video which was created a year back to bring peace between India and Pakistan. But Right Wingers are always against peace, their ideas are by the violence and for the violence, they started sharing a screen shots from the video in which she’s holding a placard “Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him” which will sound unrealistic to some and anti-national for the Right Wingers because peace is against the or interest.

Watch Video Here

Ever since Gurmehar spoke out against ABVP, she has been trolled incessantly and has been at the end of endless abuse, rape threats and more.

She was even accused of misusing her father’s martyrdom for political ends. As if that weren’t enough, a couple of celebs got into the act last evening. It started with Virendra Sehwag posing with the following poster.

Here is how Sehwag made fun of her.

Randeep Hooda also joined the celebration who’s Mother is an BJP candidate.

All these for standing against the violence of ABVP goons?



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