Watch : Heart wrenching Story of Mariya who’s Father in Jail Since 2015, Mom Passed Away in 2012


Kashmir : A heart wrenching story of an 18 years old Kashmiri girl named Mariya, who’s studying in 12th class will leave many upset and emotional.

Highlights :

  • 18 years old Mariya is sole bread earner for her 6 members family
  • Her father Asadullah has been in jail since 2015 under PSA
  • She’s taking care of her siblings alone after her mother died in 2012

According to BBC Hindi, her father Asadullah, a senior Hurriyat Leader has been in jail since last two years, he was arrested on PSA (public safety act) on 13th August 2015. Her mother died on 5th November 2012, leaving behind 6 children.


Mariya was 14 when her Mother passed away, since then she’s taking care of her 4 sisters and 8 years old brother. She has been sewing clothes and teaching kids for her livelihood, which is too little to survive.

She wants to become a lawyer so that she can fight to get justice for her father whom she believes is being jailed for no crime. She has requested government to release her father who can take care of the family.

Watch Video Here.

Source : BBC Hindi



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