Watch : Locals thrash 5 Man for Alleged slaughtering buffalo in Aligarh

The dream of Acche din seems coming true, Not for humans but for cattles besides giving rise to the so called Gau Rakshak Hooliganism. With one more incident of such event being recorded in the city of Aligarh with five butchers becoming the victim of the “Nationalist Violence”.
Be that as it may, what offers ascend to these supposed bovine vigilantes? This is basically because of the administration that does not censure the episodes. Lynching the basic masses is on the most noteworthy summit. There are part of cases here: Pehlu Khan-55-year-old was pounded the life out of by ‘gau rakshaks’ in April after which it turned into the country point of convergence , the shocking scene of Cow vigilantism , gotten on camera and viral via web-based networking media.
Little ponder is that the pioneer of Rashtriya Mahila Gau rakshak Dal , the saffron-robbed Sadhvi kamal, went to the 19-year-old Bipin Yadav , one of the lyncher of Pehlu Khan and cheer him by saying that he is the Bhagat Singh of cutting edge India.
In yet another occurrence five men were whipped by a horde in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. After they were found butchering bison illicitly. Imran with his four butchers, were butchering the bison when some Cow defenders got alarmed and assaulted them. Be that as it may, the issue is yet that there’s no FIR documented against him. Does the administration underpins them? Is it accurate to say that they are doing to advance dread? Or, then again there’s extremely solid support by the legislature?



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