Watch : Manoj Tiwari Insults Lady Teacher, Asked To Leave The Stage


New Delhi : Manoj Tiwari who is BJP MP was seen insulting and misbehaving with lady teacher when she requested to sing a song.

BJP leader Manoj Tiwari who is known for singing songs at occasional events was seen scolding a lady teacher when she asked him to sing two lines, he started scolding her and asked her to leave stage and requested management to take strict action against this lady. He also said if she don’t have  manners to talk to a MP how she would have talking to kids?


Earlier Manoj Tiwari’s video of mocking the suffering of common people due to Demonetisation went viral, when he questioned her manners just because she asked him to sing two lines. Where was his manners when he made fun on people who were effected to Demonetisation.

Watch this Video:

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