Watch : Modi and BJP is good, Legion hackers praised Modi in a call interview to The Quint


Since past fews days, Legion has hacked the Twitter and email accounts of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, liquor baron Vijay Mallya and TV journalists Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar.

In the phone conversation with The Quint a member of the hacker group Legion spoken to Associate Editor Poonam Agarwal for atleast 7 minutes.  The member of the hacker collectively described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “a very good man” and BJP as a good political party, and Rahul Gandhi as a bad politician.


On query about hacking the Twitter account of Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar, the hacker replied they are not a good journalist because they ‘always shout’, and are against Digital India. Which is very strange allegations because neither of those either shout like Arnab nor they have been critics of ‘Digital India’ initiative.

Watch the conversation video


Irony of India has already exposed the Legion

Few days ago when Legion hackers hacked Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar Twitter account and dumped email data of Barkha online for public, we investigated and found the Legion are somewhere hired by BJP IT administration to put pressure on opposition and dissent voice.

Read here full story Here exposing them.


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