Watch : Poor Women Allegeldy Assaulted by SP Workers for Voting Narendra Modi


Uttar Pradesh : In a bizarre incident, a video has surfaced in which women accused Samajwadi Party volunteers for  assaulting them for voting Narendra Modi. In this video, the women narrate how they were pulled out from their homes and beaten up. They also showed their injury marks. One woman cannot stop crying because of the atrocity she faced.

Post UP elections, many people who are opposed to BJP and its core ideology of Hindutva have wondered as to how does BJP continue to win, especially post demonetisation. Well, if such is the opposition, who is the voter to vote for? Who will ever vote for such goonda politics?


Translated from Bhojpuri to English :

Reporter : Ok, tell me what has happened?

Women : Discussing,

R : Okay, tell us who beaten you?

W : They  have beaten us all, They Dragged us from our house and beaten ruthlessly. Even the stick has been broken upon us, My Daughter tried to cover us but they also received beating with their sticks. We didn’t fought anyone. Everyday they beat my son, his foot got fractured due to their continuous beating.

R : How all this fight began ?

W : It was going on since 2-3 days, it was all because of Voting. They asked us why you voted to Narendra Modi, why didn’t vote us on Cycle, Why you voted Modi. They are all Yadav a day before they came home and said to vote on cycle and as we voted Modi they are beating us.

R : Show us where you all have got hurt?

W : They show the placed they got hurt.

W : Crying , They have taken my daughter with them and they have kept her with them.

R : Nothing will happen with crying.

W : No one is there to help us and continuously crying.

Watch the video

Via : Alt News


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