Watch : Rahul Gandhi Trolled Modi Bhakts at Haridwar Road Show


Haridwar : Yesterday everyone including Rahul Gandhi was surprised to see BJP supporters waving BJP party flags and chanting Modi-Modi at Rahul Gandhi’s road show. Rahul Gandhi was at Haridwar to hold a road show, but unfortunately few BJP volunteers has joined with BJP Party flags to welcome him, which something  he wasn’t expecting . Modi supporters can be seen chanting Modi Modi waving flag in Rahul’s Rally.



Instead of getting frustrated, Rahul Gandhi took these chants positively and trolled them back. He thanked all the BJP workers for attending his rally. He could have got angry or could have ignored them, but no, he chose the other way instead. He trolled them in an unexpected way. He said i’m happy to see our BJP friends has also came here to welcome and listen to my speech. I would like to ask one question to them.

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