Watch : Reporters attending Amit Shah’s rally ordered to remove Black jacket by police


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath addressed that people wearing black clothes were not allowed to attend a public rally.

According to a police officer, the move was to prevent any protests from “troublesome elements” and they even told why media persons were also stopped from entering the premises.

A event named ‘Yuva Udghosh’ Shah and Yogi were there in Varanasi to attend it and this is one of their attempt by the party to connect with 17,000 first time voters. Ans with them State BJP chief Mahendra Nath Pandey and State Organisational Secretary Sunil Bansal are also attending the high-profile event.

An officials reported that, the angry youngsters said they found the move objectionable as they were humiliated and barred from attending the event and over thirty students have also been detained and barred from attending the event.

Onto a suspicion that congress workers are plotting some protests against BJP leaders heavy security arrangements at the venues, accusing them of letting down the people of Varanasi. Security included 12 Assistant Superintendent rank officials, 35 Deputy Superintendents, seven SHO’s, 350 Sub Inspectors, 2,128 constables and nine companies of Provincial Armed Constabulary have been deployed for the event.

On friday evening at Sigra square anti-bjp pamphlets depicting that Shah is responsible for Justice Loya’s death and also referred to him as a ‘tadipaar’ (Barred from entering the city).

Watch :


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