Watch : Russian Belly Dancers Were Invited to Perform at Rahas Cultural Mela By M.P Minister

Photo : Twitter @anilscribe

Garhakota, Madhya Pradesh : Several Russian belly dancers were invited to perform at centuries old Garhakota  Rahas Cultural Mela by Madhya Pradesh cabinets minister on 3rd March for the first time in more than 200 years old traditional cultural event.


Garhakota Rahas Cultural Mela and the oldest animal trade fair is a traditional 5 days event. It was established by the local ruler Mardan Singh Judev in 1854. Since then it is being continually organised every year.

This fair is organised every year to perpetuate the memories of coronation day of Raja Mardan Singh in the same context. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh chauhan too joined the event on 5th March to announce 3 lakhs housing schemes for poor this month.

This is believed to be first time that  foreign belly dancers were invited to perform, earlier only regional and national folks singers and dancers used to perform at the event.

Watch the video below :

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