Watch: Sikh Supercop saves Muslim youth from getting lynched by Hindutva hardliners


Uttarakhand :  A video of a Sikh Sub-Inspector saving a Muslim man from being lynched by angry mob led by Hindu hardliners is being shared widely on social media.

In picture : Sub-inspector Gagandeep Singh and in-charge Vikram Rathod, both confronting the mob. Gagandeep deserves praises for what he did. The way the mob was agitating  as seen in the video, it seems that the crowd could’ve probably even lynch the Muslim boy.

According to the Lallantop report, the incident took place on May 22 when a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl met inside the complex of famous Girija Temple in Uttarakhand’s Ramnagar.

The couple got surrounded by an aggressive mob who lost their cool upon knowing that both of them belonged to different religions and started heckling the couple. Before police reached the spot, the frenzy group thrashed the guy and threatened to kill him and the girl.

The fringes dragged the couple, shaming whole while, passing abusive slur and threatened with consequences.


However  soon the officer, Gagandeep Singh, intervened and confronted the the agitated mob all by himself. He even hugged the Muslim man tightly and kept on shielding him from the blows as they continuously tried to hit.

When Gagandeep refused to hand over the boy fearing he would be lynched by the agitated mob, the group started critisised him by raising slogans against police department, they even closed the temple gate to stop SI Gagandeep from leaving with the youth.

“Pyaar aa raha hai bohot aapko, kis baat ka pyaar kar rahe ho?” , said a man belonging to the mob.

In-charge of Ramnagar police station Vikram Rathore confirmed the incident and said the mob comprised of members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal.


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