Watch: Two cops thrashed minor boys for allegedly stealing mobiles in Bulandshahr


Two minors were publicly humiliated and brutally thrashed by two policemen for allegedly stealing mobile phones. Both were suspended after video of their brutal crime went viral.

Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh: In a shocking incident of inhumane act of barbarity, two minor boys were publicly humiliated and thrashed for allegedly stealing mobile phones by two police cops in Bulandshahr.


In the video, the policemen can be seen beating up and humiliating the boys after they were accused of stealing a mobile phone and some money from a man who had come to take bath at the Ganga river.

Yesterday, some money and a mobile were stolen from the pants of a devotee who had come for ‘Ganga snan’ from UP. The boys were suspected of the theft. The policemen involved in this incident have been suspended,” Bulandshahr SP PK Tiwari told ANI.

The constable named Rakesh Kumar and a home guard under Ram ghat police limits assaulted those kids with baton.

As the harsh punishment was mated out to the two boys, they pleading to the policemen to not hit them while holding their arms folded. In the meantime, an eyewitness captured the incident on his mobile phone which went viral.

Police personnel fiercely hit the children with a stick and the boys kept pleading with them while shouting — “please leave us, do not hit us”. Meanwhile the muted crowd simply watched the shameful act of the policemen and did nothing.

The man captured in the video beating the kids up is head constable of Ramghat police station Rakesh Kumar and the homeguard is said to be one Vipin who uploaded the video on social media.


Watch the video below



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