Watch : Will Behead those who Oppose Ram Temple Construction : BJP MLA from Hyderabad


To those who warn of dire consequences if Ram Mandir built. We were waiting for you to say this so we can behead you,”

Hyderabad : BJP MLA Raja Singh gave communal speeches during Ram Navami procession in Hyderabad, he was recorded provoking enmity between two communities.


He went so far as to suggest the beheading of those opposed to building a Ram temple on the disputed Ayodhya site where Hindu nationalists destroyed the Babri Masjid in 1992, ANI reported.

“Ek Shamay Tha U. P. Mein Mullon ki Sharkar thi, ab Tumhare Baap ki sharkar hai.”

(Once upon a time there was Mullah’s Government in U. P., now it’s your father’s government)

“Laathi Goli Marenge, Mandir Wahi Banayenge.”

(We will hit with sticks and kill with bullets and build Ram Mandir at that ‘particular’ site)

The MLA has made similar comments before. In December 2015, he threatened a lynching similar to that of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri near Noida in September 2015. He said he and his like-minded colleagues were ready to kill to protect cows. Akhlaq was killed by a lumpen mob that suspected he had stred beef in his house. He hadn’t.

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Source : DNA



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