Watch: Worried about growing fake news? Dhruv Rathee explains how to identify fake news


The growing phenomena of fake WhatsApp forwards, photoshop images and propaganda websites on internet and social media have led to dangerous consequences in India recently.

There’s an interesting discussion happening now about the spread of fake news on the Internet and what companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter, among others, should do to stop it. That’s a healthy conversation to have, and one we hope continues in the weeks and months ahead. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something now.


Learn how you can identify and spot three different types of fake news and a few tips on them by Dhruv Rathee in this video

1. Check your Bias
2. When in doubt, always google
3. Don’t trust the govt. either
4. Use Fact checking sites
5. Look for sources

Watch the video below



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