‘We will send him to 72 virgins’ eyewitness alleged ABVP students lynched Najeeb Ahmed

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New Delhi : In a shocking revelation , an eye witness who was present during the altercations between Najeeb Ahmed and other ABVP students claimed that the victim (Najeeb Ahmed) was abused verbally and physically by the ABVP members.

According to Indiasamvad  article an investigative report published by IANS, it is claimed by the witness that Ahmad was brutally beaten up by a mob of around 30 students and suffered communal slurs as well.

Shahid Raza Khan, an M.Phil student at the university unfolded the events and detailed the happenings of the Saturday night after which Najeeb went missing.

Khan said he rushed to the first floor of the hostel building as he heard some noise coming from the area. Vikrant Kumar, an ABVP member reached to him for help to escape from Najeeb as he(Najeeb) was beating him for no reason.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=””]”But when I saw Najeeb it was he who was bleeding from the mouth and nose. We called the warden and took Najeeb to the bathroom for a wash. But in no time about 25-30 other students came and thrashed Najeeb inside the bathroom,” Khan said.[/box]

As per reports, Vikrant went into an argument with Ahmad after he went into his room for discussing the campaign for the post of Mess-Secretary. ABVP members claimed that Najeeb objected on the ‘Kaleva'(sacred red thread) wore by Vikrant which lead to the fight.

Khan further claimed that Najeeb was apparently lynched in the dark while they were going to the Warden’s office.

“He was beaten even on the stairs and even as the warden unlocked his office. It looked completely like a lynching. Upstairs someone turned off the corridor lights, and Najeeb was beaten in the dark before someone switched on the lights again,” he said.

Khan even accused warden of being biased and claimed there were communal abuses hurled at Ahmad in the office too.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=””]”The Warden should have been more strict and unbiased. When inside his office all the blame was put on Najeeb’s head. He was constantly abused even inside his office. They kept on saying ‘Issko 72 houron ke paas bhejna hai’ (We will send him to 72 virgins). You know what it means,” he added.[/box]

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Source : Indiasamvad


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