What A Bad Day Has Come For Urdu Language!

Calligraphy on Qutub Minar

KANPUR: What a time has come for the Urdu language! Its promotion is searched out through the efforts of film actors. Would that promising for the growth of the Urdu language, the country where this language is widely spoken could have achieved such kind of objective. But unfortunately, nothing, as such happened as the love for foreign language, overshadowed its development on a larger scale. Yet, it cannot be ignored that Urdu has reached to those precincts where it was quite incomprehensible for the people.

Calligraphy in Arabic and Urdu on Qutub Minar

What we find in our country is people are not reading Urdu newspapers simply because of their ignorance with that sweet language. Even the Muslim clerics preferred subscribing Hindi newspapers. The new generation of the Muslim society is quite ignorant of this language because of their affinity with foreign language education. None likes to teach in this language. A new trend is emerging in the Muslim society. They are now sending their wards to the Madarsa where Urdu along with Arabic is also taught.


Looking at the evolution of the Urdu language in the Indian sub-continent, a very famous Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir wrote: najane log kehte hain kis ko suroor-e-qalb. Further, another poet Mushafi inscribed: Mushafi Farsi Ko Taq Pe Rakh, Ab Hai Ashaar-e-Hindavi Ka Rivaaj. At present both the literary figures must be feeling at unease in their respective graves for the negligence of the soldier’s language sprouted within Arab-Persian script during their period. Although these great poets realised advent of a new language in their period yet we are compelled to realise that the weighty and solid dialogues are being written in this language for the films. Even maximum numbers of film songs are being composed in the Urdu language.

The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is entrusted with the task of promoting the language to every corner. Then what is a good reason for awarding an actor who is more adept at speaking English and several other languages? How could his films be a medium of promoting language? Perfectly there are a number of Urdu writers and poets who are associated with the film industry and they are rendering exceptional services not only for promotion of the language but also for bringing improvements in the film business. They are real contributors or propagators of the language. They have perfect knowledge of the Urdu diction and its application in dialogue writing.


Even though it cannot altogether be denied that films and documentaries do a lot in the promotion of the language and the Bollywood films are doing yeoman’s service in this regard. But there are a group of people who maintain that the tinsel town is spreading a different language that suits the business standards. One factor that can really promote this beautiful language is the number of all those who speak in Urdu originated from the amalgamation of different languages.

If the university has observed gain in honouring the 51-year-old actor Shahrukh Khan, there could have been some rationale behind it. It only knew that it was good to honour him and did not consider that it would turn others pallid and sallow. Whether it is Hindi or Urdu, both are two varied names of one language. So long as a person does not hold a good understanding of the Urdu literature, he cannot help promote a language, several believe.

The literacy rate is a more vital factor in the promotion of the language. If people can read Urdu, it can automatically augment expansion of the language. At present, none shows an affinity towards this language. Despite this stark reality, more than 44 million Urdu speakers are found in our country that is more than the neighbouring country. Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are centres where Urdu speakers are in tremendous numbers, according to a general estimate.

Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan indeed basks in the honour since he was honoured with this university’s honour. It is a prestigious award for him. It appears a little odd for so many people that he was honoured with such a high honour for promoting Urdu through his films at Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad.

How could he promote the language if he is only replicating dialogues and songs containing Urdu words? What are written by other prominent literary persons is simply delivered by this actor. And this skill is known to every actor in the film industry. Why was he chosen? Why not other actors coming in equal calibre and competence? If that actor can promote a language through his films, other actors can also do such kind of promotion, stressed several Urdu-knowing people.


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