Why is BJP-RSS Afraid of Salman Nizami? 


Religious tolerance has deteriorated and religious freedom violations have increased in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime, a report by an independent bipartisan American body had claimed last year. There are so many Indians that are being targeted by right wing forces, but if for a moment we ignore right-wing groups which are won over by rudimentary nationalist impulse but defeated by their ignorance we will find that we may have elected a government which is obsessed with the purity of a nation and not its progress, which has shown their hate against secular Indian leaders specially Muslims.

The recent attack on Salman Nizami by no other then Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was not a surprise for most of the Indians. Attack on Muslim leadership has become a trend in BJP’s style of election campaign. Be it Ahmed Patel, Hamid Ansari, Ghulam nabi Azad, Umar Khalid, or Salman Nizami. In India, where the right to dissent was supposed to be foundational, we face a Hindu-nationalist government which is so drunk with the idea of a Hindu-nation that it is ready to burn down its intellectual foundations, its rich diversity, its egalitarian ambitions and install an idea of religious aggression that has been simmering slowly for some time now.

The Salman Nizami case is just a swift projectile into the garbage can. There is absolutely no evidence against him which proves he is anti-national or Kashmir’s Azad sympathiser, and what evidence there can be, will at once make every Indian in democratic opposition to the “lawful” BJP-government equally as guilty of anti- national as Salman Nizami. Yet, Salman explained in an open letter to Prime Minister Modi ” According to you, I’m a Azadi sympathiser. You arrived at this conclusion on the basis of some fake tweets, posted a few years back after pranksters hacked my Twitter handle. Did you fact check?

It is difficult to ask you that since you are somebody who has publicly said before, without fact-checking, that Alexander was defeated at the banks of the Ganges. Still, did you fact check? Did your two mouthpiece English news channels fact check? You would have known beyond doubt that the tweets were fake. You can Google the news items of 2015, I had a complaint registered these hackers with the cyber police at the time, bringing to their notice the anti-India tweets that were posted after breaking into my account. You may allege I am lying. But dear sir, the police has to complete an investigation and the court has to proclaim I’m lying, the reason i didnt delete those tweets before you can call me a liar. In mature societies, this is how it works.

Well,  it is not strange to think that the attack was made not without but with proper research by the BJP IT CELL team who were hunting Salman for a long and target him over fake tweets. Sharing some points, why Sanghis are afraid of Nizami.

(1) Salman Nizami comes from a political background, his grand father Akthar Nizami was a close aide of Smt Indira Gandhi and Dr Karan Singh remained MLA for 18 years & was active in Congress for 35 years even when militancy was on peak in Kashmir. And mainstream leaders were soft target of Militants.

(2) Salman Nizami at the age of 12 lost his close friend & cousin in a militant attack in Kashmir, which pushed him to stand against terrorism in Kashmir soon after completing Journalism.

(3) Salman wrote a hard hitting piece in Daily Pioneer in year the 2013 “Terrorist have no Religion” available on web, he also highlighted the in-justice, human right violations and political developments in the state.

(4) Salman with the help of some local NGO’s provided relief to the terror victims in Kashmir.

(5) Salman had a strong hold in Kashmir for his social work which helped him to convience the youth specially stone pelters to join Indian mainstream.

(6) Salman later joined Congress and was appointed by Rahul Gandhi as Secretary PCC.

(7) As Congress politician, he motivated the Kashmiris to join Indian mainstream and shun violence & terror. He was facilitated by various organistions for his humanitarian work specially for saving hundreds of lives in 2014 Kashmir floods. He was a front face on media and other party works, for his successful performance, Nizami was promoted as Congress spokesperson by Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad. In this politicial development, his rivarly within the party was wide open. The opponets of Azad faction in J&K Congress like former PCC Chief Saif udin Soz & his group who are still active & hold important positions in PCC openly targeted Nizami and other close aides of the leader of Opposition. This forced the highly educated & young Salman to move Delhi.  But the family issues like (Father’s surgery) couldn’t stop him from political activities in Delhi. He actively participated in the protest demonstrations & other political activists like Kanhaiya’s episode etc.

(8) Salman continued with writting and his articles were published in World’s reputed “Huffington Post” and India Today’s Daily O.  With his social, political and media links he made a strong team of 30,000 social media volunteers across the country who actively worked for the promotion of INC and Rahul Gandhi on social media specially on twitter & facebook trends.

(9) Salman’s stand as Journalist and politician remained nationalist (which is on record) though he is from Kashmir which irritates the Sangh.

(10) Nizami is famous for his hard hitting tweets and articles. In 2017 he targeted CM Yogi Adhitynath after his win by calling him a murderer. He was sued, but Salman refused to apologise & stood by his statement. And got huge public appreciation and support across the globe. Twitter trended #IstandwithSalmanNizami.

(11) Salman later started a country wide campaign over attacks on Muslims & dalits and rise of Mob lynching cases, the active volunteers were engaged to target & expose the govt. Many social and political activists hold peacefull protests across the country. The biggest with 5-6 Lakh public gathering was held in aurangabad attend by many top leadership including Salman.

(12) With his growing popularity among minority regions, Salman campaigned for congress in UP & many other part’s of India like Gujarat, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, West bengal, Maharashtra and got overwhelming response and result in victory of INC and allies in Muslim dominated seats.

(13) Salman’s secular image and stand for Muslim & other minorities irritates Sangh and BJP, which forced Prime Minister of India to attack him in a public rally in Gujarat. Not only Sangh, but the top faces of Muslims like Owaisi & others are also not happy with Salman’s popularity among Muslims and his work style.

Owaisi faced a major defeat in Maharashtra where Salman campaigned effectively. The groupism in Congress is wide open, some of the seniors are also irked with Salman, reason his closeness with the top leadership & popularity on ground. But, these attacks & riverly didn’t stop Salman on his fight against fascism and communalism. Nizami after Gujarat episode visited Hanuman temple in bijnor and shared his family history, sacrfice for the nation and silenced the Sangh brigade who questioned his nationalism & ideology. He is still active on social media & public platform with his huge team of volunteers & supporters, their main role is to end fascism & communalism in the country. The reason why they (BJP-RSS) are afraid of him.

Disclaimer : This article is Sole opinion of Author Kaiser Ahmed who is social activist from Kashmir,and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Irony Of India . The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article.


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