Why Yogi, the Man who Renamed Ali Nagar to Arya Nagar Greeted Hazrat Ali Birthday?


Lucknow : Social media is going gaga on Yogi wishing Hazrat Ali Bithday to public, as now he wished Ali Birthday will he rename Arya Nagar back to Ali Nagar again?

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Before he became UP CM after BJP won with huge victory in 2017 elections, Yogi had admitted that he wishes to change the names of various localities which have Islamic name or conjuncture to the name: like, converting the name of Islam Nagar to Ishwar Nagar and Humayun Nagar to Hanuman Nagar.

Maharajji as he is called at the mutt, Adityanath is clearly the poster boy of BJP’s Hindutva agenda. “There used to be a market called Mia Bazar in Gorakhpur; when maharaj became an MP, he renamed it Maya Bazar. Similarly Urdu Bazar was renamed Hindi Bazar and Ali Nagar became Arya Nagar,” says the close aide.


After renaming many locality he also batted for a change in the name of Azamgarh, because it didn’t reflect “the Aryan culture of India”.

So far Yogi Adiyanath has proposed dozen of renames and has changed the names of atleast a dozen of Mohallas. Locals say that he will do more.

While Addressing the crowd at Virat Hindu Sammelan in Varanasi, once he said, “Whenever I visit Vishwanath temple, the Gyanvapi mosque teases me. If given a chance, we will establish statues of Gauri-Ganesh and Nandi in every mosque of India.”

With all these past developments and achievements including Banning Slaughter houses also in his list which hits muslim community after becoming CM, Why Yogi wants to project himself as a secular representative of a state where he already is subdued as a perfect Hindu hardliner. But supporters of Yogi, who were cherished seeing him as a Chief Minister, did not get happy seeing him performing the ‘secular’ role.



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