Wife of key witness in Alimuddin Lynching Killed in road “Accident” Outside Court


The recurrent situations arising periodically making people vulnerable to conditions like Ansari was beaten to death by a mob in Jharkhand on the suspicion of carrying beef in the vehicle and thereafter, on July 19 just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “killing people in the name of gaubhakti is not acceptable.”

Just two & half kilometre away from courtroom, the wife of a key witness in the case Jalil Ansari was killed and Alimuddin Ansari’s son injured and this happened when they got death threats court room itself, where they were asked not to depose. To this incident, there were many eye witnesses that the victims were followed and hit from behind with the woman dying on the spot, and Alimuddin Ansari’s son now in hospital with injuries.


Local activists told The Citizen that, the family used to get constant death threats and more so from July when a few of the suspects named in the FIR on the lynching had been arrested. Initially the Local BJP leader Nityanand Mahato and Santosh Singh were arrested with another accused of the 12 named Chhotu Rana surrendering in the Ramgarh court.

The Ansari,s relatives told to the reporters that they were killed in front of shopkeepers and tea stall owners in the busy market place but sadly, no one took stand to stop the killing.

One witness was killed just after special court was set up to try the case and from that family felt pressure from local Bajrang Dal and BJP members warning them against deposing. Thereafter The family is convinced of foul play and has filed a written complaint with the police on this.


Just to threaten and intimidate the witnesses the mob tried to silence them and as per relatives and local activists insist that this was not an “accident” but a “deliberate murder”. The family being drastically threatened over past few weeks and Jalil Ansari sobbing and shocked in court when he heard about the fatal accident of his wife and son. Jalil Ansari , an eyewitness to the lynching, has said that both he and his wife were threatened with dire consequences just before she left to get his identity papers.

Maryam Khatoon, wife of Alimuddin Ansari told The Citizen that the family was living under deep fear, is terrified leaving the house too and added that when her son & wife went to collect adhar card they were followed by men on another motorcycle who kicked and hit them from behind.” My nand fell down and my son somehow controlled the bike sustaining some injuries. But my nand died,” she said. Life has become so difficult and fearful, we do not know what to do, there is no one to protect us.



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