Will Modi Gain Poltical Heights In Uttar Pradesh?


KANPUR: Although the Bhartiya Janata Party with the brand name of Modi wants to win the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections yet there comes some kind of resentment brewing among the people owing to the policies followed by the party’s supreme leader. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been attempting hard to reach the victory level in the coming assembly elections after a gap of long absence in this Pradesh. If he secures the victory, this can surely be a political win to his heart’s content.


But when once he has laughed at the Congress Party for its near failure in inculcating a political ingenuity in its vice-president, the Bahujan Samaj Party for flapping to deposit its ill-gotten money in the bank accounts and the Samajwadi Party for infight within the party, he found his party completely sacred and sacrosanct. Such speculation can cause others to raise questions.

Why is the BJP leader so desperate for majority wins in Uttar Pradesh? He thinks what he has done in two and a half years will fetch him that kind of result. “If he thinks positively so, it is his big mistake”, several said so. He has almost lost his value by his oratory. His scripted speech is a momentary trickery. He forgot what he delivered on November 8, 2016.

Taking a dig at his exclamation, a senior Bahujan Samajwadi Party leader pointed out who could muster the courage to go near him in presence of so many black cats?


Barely hollow promises are not going to bring any advantage to the saffron party. The leaders paying allegiance to the party in power at the Centre must perform in consonance with the way the voters expected them. Otherwise, the party shall have to face defeat and it will then be a great gag in the coming months.

Although he criticised all main political parties in UP, yet he avoided faults in his own party dividing the country on the basis of religion and caste. This point was even raised by a Congress leader Manish Tiwari too.

Encouraging the people to bring his party to the seat of power, Modiji did not mince words in insisting upon being the only political option for the state of Uttar Pradesh. But does it not seem to be another rhetoric? Even he equated his party’s fourteen-year absence from governing the province with a dearth of development that would be promptly upturned if they come forward to provide an opportunity, he assured.

While just opposite of his views the Chief Minister Akhilesh Singh Yadav was blowing the conch for political battle on the basis of so many developments.undertaken by him.

He pains at the very thought of the party’s fourteen years’ banishment but fails to realise the people’s woes due to his demonetisation move. He initiated this ban only to benefit the larger interests of those corporate helping him to lead a life of Shah rather than a Sewak. Does he look like a fakir by his dress or poly tricks?

If he is a leader of the masses and really wants to alleviate their problems, he should show his guts. By connecting everything with Atal Behari Bajpayee what can he achieve?

Even in the latest show conducted by news channel the people still pointed towards the Bhartiya Janata Party’s assurances which were extended to the Elgin Mills workers. They said nothing came out of the promised in regard to the running of the mills. The smoke had still not wafted out of the chimneys. It was, of course, a tragedy of the time, they lamented.


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