Watch : World reaction on 12 Indians arrested for not standing during National Anthem in theater

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Around 20 people were arrested in the first week of Supreme Court making National Anthem to screen compulsory in theatres last month, several movie goers were arrested after being accused of failing to stand for the national anthem in cinema.

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The Supreme Court ruled on November 30 that cinemas should play the national anthem before every screening, and that the audience should stand, drawing angry accusations of an assault on civil liberties.

The new rules received mixed reactions from around the world, Central Comedy show The Daily Show host Noah Trevor too took on the news in hilarious way.


Yesterday The Young Turk too posted a video in which they gave their opinion on the National Anthem. Both the hosts Brett and John argued how forced nationalism is going to snatch away civil liberties.

Watch video below :

12 People Arrested For Sitting During National Anthem

12 people attending a movie festival in India were arrested for not standing during the Indian National Anthem.

Posted by The Young Turks on Sunday, 1 January 2017

Few people also gave their opinion through comments.


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