Yes, PM Modi’s APP sharing your personal data with a third party without your consent


A French security researcher, who has kept UIDAI on their toes by exposing various security holes in the Aadhaar infrastructure, has claimed in a series of tweets that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s application is sending personal information of its users to a third party website called and it is doing so without the user’s consent.

Pushing personal information such as email, photo, name, gender etc to a third party website without a user’s consent is a serious privacy breach. To ascertain whether this privacy breach occurred or not, Alt News decided to take a deep dive into this issue and investigated PM Modi’s Android App.

Sniffing data transmitted by your phone

To ascertain whether your phone is transacting with a certain website or not, the data between the phone and the outside world needs to be intercepted. There are several software applications which allows one to do so. Pratik Sinha from Alt News used a popular software called Charles. As described on the Charles website, it enables one to view all the HTTP and SSL/HTTPS traffic between a machine and the Internet.

Watch how App sending data to a third party website.


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