You and your Cow will die of starvation if this continue: Abhisar Sharma


New Delhi : ABP news anchor journalist Abhisar Sharma is in news again after his live video went viral, in this video he has raised many valid points related to cow and economy.


Yes, cow is sacred animal which is worshipped as mother by Hindu community. This video comes after 200 cows died in a cattle shelter in Chhattisgarh which is run by BJP leader Harish Verma, who was later arrested for negligence.

Mr Sharma raised many question on BJP government and its double standard policy on beef ban, he said BJP assures no shortage of beef in Goa, they assures good quality beef in Nagaland and ban the same in UP, Maharashtra and Haryana? why this double standard ?

In his 22 minute of video he also said, if the hate continue like this, then our country won’t get any investor which we can see with our GDP data. He said “Agar aisa he chalta raha toh ek din ayega, jab na tum rahoge aur na tumhari Gao mata, na tum kuch kha paoge na Gao mata ko kuch khila paoge. Bahut dukh ki baat hai ye” (If it continue like this, a day will come when you will left jobless with your cow and you won’t be able to afford food and will not be able to feed your cow).

Watch Video :



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