‘You are meriting capital punishment in the Hindu Rashtra.’ : Radical Outfit threatens Khetan

“It is the role of good journalism to take on powerful abusers, and when powerful abusers are taken on, there’s always a bad reaction. So we see that controversy, and we believe that is a good thing to engage in.”, Julian Assange Good.
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Former Journalist, Ashish Khetan got a threat from a radical outfit that he’s meriting capital punishment in the Hindu Rashtra. Last July (2016) was the first occasion when that Ashish Khetan got such a threat. At that point, he didn’t consider it important. Be that as it may, yesterday, the last dated May 11, 2017 was conveyed and the threat was immediate, “ You are deserving of Death Penalty in the Hindu Rashtra’ and in case the message was not clear, the four five line missive “This job, with Ishwar (God’s) blessing will be carried out soon.”

Khetan has gotten this immediate danger is all the more, a great deal more than an AAP government official, in any case, in his investigative work as a columnist for Tehelka, Headlines Today and Gulail he has uncovered such strengths with narrative proof. In June 2016, he had in a progression of web-based social networking posts tweeted on the disappointment of investigative offices under the Modi administration to grab the guilty parties behind the killings of Narayan Dabholkar and Govind Pansare.
Ashish Khetan had posted messages via web-based networking media and said that Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janjagruti Samiti had executed the murder of Dabholkar. Khetan included that examination organizations have recognized the guilty parties in charge of Dabholkar’s murder. He had named four individuals from the Sanatan Sanstha — Sarang Akolkar, Rudra Patil, Jaiprakash Hegde and Praveen Limkar — behind the murder. The sum total of what four have been slipping off since 2008.
The unknown letter by this fanatic outfit gladly recognizing itself as a component of the Hindu Rashtra administration and vision was gotten in Khetan’s office(1233/DDC on 11/5/2017). On the envelope there is a reference to the Hindu schedule, “Jayatu Hindu Rashtram. At that point khetan tended to a solid letter to Rajnath Singh, Home Minister. In the letter, he expresses that ‘Yesterday I got a debilitating letter at my office asserting that my killing is up and coming.

The letter advocates the reason for the individuals who are blamed for murdering the prominent pragmatist Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, the political lobbyist from Maharashtra, Govind Pansare, the researcher, MM Kalburgi and numerous other blameless Indians. It then articulates my capital punishment with the danger that it will be completed soon.

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